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Comedian Shep Slater

Shep Slater, in 1994, took the comedy stage for the first time at the Atlanta Punchline. By 1999 Shep was featuring regularly at clubs and colleges from Florida to Wyoming.

Shep also decided to dabble in booking his own shows and he started a comedy club at Star Time Entertainment in Roswell GA. After several months, the success of the comedy club was really growing and he decided it was time to pass the reins to another club owner that could take it to the next level. It became the Funny Farm, one of many great clubs in town, but has since closed its doors.

Around about the year 2000 Shep decided he would take a couple months off to write and re-fresh his routine. 10 years later, 2010, Shep finally took the stage again. A lot has changed in comedy in those ten years but Shep is happy to be back performing again.

Shep's comedy material is best described as observational humor with a lot of one-liners. Depending on mood he's been know to wear some pretty wacky outfits, on stage, like a shower curtain. Currently Shep seems to be content wearing work clothes. He is inspired by comedian Steven Wright, Jim Gaffigan, Demetri Martin and Brian Regan.

Shep also runs a successful landscape maintenance company as well as playing croquet, learning web design and spending time with family.

Whether you want to start a comedy show at your venue or would like booking rates, contact Shep for your next comedy event.

Check out some of Shep's comedy performances

Shep comedy clip 1 Shep comedy clip 2 Shep shower curtin clip

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